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Upgrade Your AT&T Cell Phone or Smartphone by renewing your AT&T contract

Many people get a new cell phone every couple of years and we have some great AT&T upgrade deals if you are a current AT&T customer and want to replace your old cell phone with a newer model. The prices are significantly discounted for existing AT&T customers, but please read the AT&T upgrade eligibility requirements at the bottom of this page to make sure you are eligible for our discount upgrade pricing.

Current customers of AT&T may be eligible for discount upgrade pricing on new cell phones and smartphones
You may be eligible for discount AT&T cell phone pricing on upgrades. With a few exceptions, the main requirement for these upgrade discounts is that you have had 24 months of wireless service with AT&T since the start of your last contract (i.e., you've completed your last 2-year contract with AT&T). There are a few exceptions to this rule, and those are detailed below:
  • 21-month upgrade: If your current AT&T calling plan and data plan monthly cost is between $68.99 - $98.99 and you've been on contract with AT&T 21months or more without a previous cell phone upgrade, you may be eligible for upgrade pricing.
  • 12-month upgrade: If your current AT&T calling plan and data plan monthly cost is $99 or more per month and you've been on contract with AT&T for at least 12 months without a previous upgrade, you may be eligible.
  • Month-to-month customers: If you've completed your current AT&T 2-year contract and are on a month-to-month agreement, then you are eligible for upgrade pricing.
  • Limitations: In all cases, however, you might be limited to AT&T upgrades based on your previous usage history, payment history, and phone replacement history with AT&T. Upgrade eligibility is solely determined by AT&T Mobility at its discretion.
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